Sunday, July 18, 2010

Useful Tip of the Day - Spray n' Wash

So most everyone has heard of this product to effectively (for the most part) remove stains from clothes, but what about in other places?  Well, I find that Spray n' Wash (the kind in the picture below) is most useful in removing stains in carpets.  If you are one of the lucky few that doesn't have carpets in your dwelling, well, I am jealous and you can go and make one of the fine recipes found on this wonderful blog.  But, so the rest of you, Spray n' Wash is a fantastic solution to carpet staining problems.

I used this little bottle of joy today to remove a few old stains that were spotted on the carpet that I finally said "OK, I will try to clean them" after many weeks of looking at them and saying "I should really clean those up."  I used to use a product called Prosolve Pet Stain Remover because a)we have a pet and b)you would think that pets would produce the toughest stains.  This product worked OK.  You spray it onto the effected surface, wait 5 minutes, and dab off with a moist sponge or something.  Most of the time, it worked fine, but there were still some occasions that it did not remove all of the stain.  Enter the Spray n' Wash.  

In my quest for cleanliness, I decided to use some of the Spray n' Wash pictured above.  It has to be the Oxy stuff, as the other kind doesn't work as well.  I mixed about 4 parts water with 1 part of the Spray n' Wash in a little bowl and use a little scrubber brush to work into the carpet fibres, wait a few minutes and dab up.  Every stain came off of the carpet.  

So, why buy a specialty carpet stain remover when you can use something that you likely have in your house in the first place?


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