Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ING Direct - Save Your Money

I'm really all for making easy, guaranteed money - I mean, who isn't? Well, my good friend introduced me to ING Direct and had to bait me for quite some time to sign up, I admit. This was only though, because I wanted to do my own research on it, to make sure that there are no hidden fees or anything. I have finished my research and I'm so happy to say that I signed up with ING Direct a month or so ago and am already $75 richer for doing...well, nothing but let a couple of other people know about ING.

Also know, that at any time, you can just cancel your account with them if you are unhappy or change your mind, but the money that you've made while you were with them, is still yours!

So - ready to make some FREE money? Here's how! All you have to do is sign up with ING Direct and have a minimum of $100 in your account. You do have to send in a cheque from one of your existing chequing accounts to verify who you are and put the money in (after that you can transfer the money between accounts) and you need a Social Insurance Number. Once your cheque has cleared and your $100 is in your account, you receive your "Orange Key". This "Orange Key" you need to give to your friends and family to sign up for their accounts, in order to score you $25 AND them $25. As I said, FREE MONEY and simple as that. Furthermore, after getting 10 people to sign up with ING, you receive a $50 bonus. You can refer people until you've made a slammin' $2000 off ING - then it stops...but hey, $2000 for just getting your friends and family to sign up, isn't bad now, is it?

Anyway, just in case anyone out there is reading this and would like to sign up, I'd love to offer my orange key, if you don't have someone else's to get started with. This would make each of us $25 - just comment on this post! Thanks. :-)


  1. I think that I should make some money off the money that you will make :)

    I'm not sure why you needed to do your own research to make sure there were no hidden fees, when i told you there were no hidden fees...Where's the trust :) :)

  2. @Anonymous - I know that you do the most thorough follow of anyone but I just wanted to make sure that I could use the account for what I wanted to use it for...if I wanted to keep it. ;-)

  3. Here's a holiday bonus for you — an active Orange key worth a $50 bonus until December 31/12. Just open an account with ING DIRECT with a cheque payable to yourself and enter Orange key 31974103S1

    Free $50 dollars bonus!


    Enjoy your Holidays!!

    Don't forget to use this Orange Key code: 31974103S1


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