Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Conversations with a Now 3 Year Old

Unbelievable, but our little girl is 3 already!

Olivia was on the phone with Daddy the other day (it's a treat for her when she gets to talk to Daddy on his drive home) and I caught her saying, full of excitement:-

"Daddy, I'm putzing the windows!"

Now for our Swiss and maybe even German readers, this is funny or at least cute, but for our English-speaking folk: "putzen" means "to clean". Our smart, little girl used the german word "putzen" in her english sentence and put the proper Present Continuous English ending at the end of the word. :-) I truly wish I caught this one on tape.


  1. Haha, joeeee, soooo suess!! She's a little Ms. Einstein! :))

  2. Brilliant little girl! I am truly amazed.


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