Friday, November 18, 2011

ING Direct Promotion

First of all, to learn more about ING Direct, please check out this older post of mine.  ING Direct has a promotion on right now until December 31, 2011.  If you sign up with them, you get $50, instead of the regular $25.  If someone refers you to them, for example me, and you give ING my Orange Code, I will get $50 as well.  So the Math is easy.  If you sign up, you get $50.  If you then get your spouse to sign up and she provides them with your orange key, you get another $50 and she gets $50 and so on.  You can refer as many people as you want, up to getting $2000 in bonuses.

The great thing with this is, that if you decide in a couple of weeks that you don't like ING, cancel the account, but keep the cash. :)

Just in case someone would like to sign up, but does not have anyone to be referred by, I would be happy to give you my orange code and earn $50 (just leave me a message below).  Go to their website to check them out:

ING also has Kids Savings Accounts.  As far as I know they give the most interest for Kids Savings Account out of any bank right now and there are, as always, no fees.  Your child also gets $25 (maybe it's also $50 currently, but I couldn't find the information on line) for signing up.

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