Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yummy Dough Cookies & Review

Package Contents (missing the little modeling tool) & what the dough should look like.
The adding of water & mixing of dough mixure.

Some time before Christmas, I bought this 3-pack of Yummy Dough at Costco because it looked really fun. I think it only ended up being about $3 a box or so. Yummy Dough caught my eye because of what it says on the box: "Shape it, Bake it, Eat it - Edible Modelling Dough!". I mean really, what sounds more fun than that to a little one? The dough is edible not only when it's baked but also when it's raw. It's also nice to know that Yummy Dough is constantly quality tested and that its colouring agents are all vegetable, per Wikipedia. Anyway, I finally got around to trying it today and it was pretty awesome!

Some pictures of how our lion came to be.
You can find step-by-step instructions on the
Yummy Dough Website for many creations.

I wasn't sure if Yummy Dough is available anywhere else other than seasonally at Costco, but I googled around a bit and found it online here at I'm not sure if they also carry it in store.

The tasty Yummy Dough Lion

I was totally excited to find out that this dough (originally called Essknete, which is German and literally translates to Eatable Dough) was actually invented in Germany in 2005 by a man, who credits his two daughters to have given him the idea, as they wanted to not only be able to play with dough, but be able to eat it at the same time. I think it's neat that Yummy Dough's website is in German, English and Polish.

The cupcake was a favourite of my daugther's - she's got a sweet tooth - what can I say?!

All the items you need in order to make your fun pieces with the modelling dough, are included in the Yummy Dough Box. There are four packages of dough mixture: green, blue, yellow & green, a syringe (which is used to ad 20ml of water to each mixture) and a modeling tool. It took me about 30 minutes to knead all the doughs to the right consistency and then the fun began. I logged onto the Yummy Doug website and followed some of the step-by-step instructions in order to make little masterpieces. This is especially great for people like me, who are not very artsy. The Yummy Dough website also has instructions that you can print off, put under the parchment paper and by tracing, create your shapes that way.

Strawberry - Flower - Mushrooms (ran out of red, so these are Super Mario ones) - Butterfly

I made these cookies with my 3 year old daughter and she helped by pouring the dough mixtures into the bowl, syringing the water and then stirring it. She had fun. Other than that, she mostly played with one of the balls of dough that I was not using, creating her own creations with lots of imagination. However, she very much enjoyed herself.

What I really love about Yummy Dough is that it's:
easy to use

All our cookies before they went into the oven.

The final product - my daughters favourites were the ice cream cone, cupcake & lion.

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  1. I really want to make this!

  2. @scconnol - you should, it's lots of fun! :-)

  3. SO DO I!!! We should have a yummy dough PARTY!!! This is awesome!!!! :))

  4. @Babsi - We should, hehe - it's all ages! :-)

  5. I was so excited that I went straight to their website - my daughter reacts negatively to artificial food colors. Unfortunately, although the European version has no artificial color, the USA/Canada version does. :( Just a heads up for other people in my same boat.

  6. @Erin - I'm really sorry that the USA/Canada version indeed does have artificial color! I had no idea, got my info from wikipedia, which stated Yummy Dough in general does not. I'm really glad you posted this for others to know!

  7. How totally cute are these! Great job!!!


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