Friday, March 25, 2011

Conversations with a 2 year old

This is my first bilingual post, because the original conversation with my almost 3 year old daughter was actually in swiss-german but I'd also like for english-speaking people to understand the conversation. In this post, "Mami" is me (it's Mommy in swiss) and Olivia...well, she's my little big girl.

Olivia tut ihr Spielessen in UNSERE Microwelle...

Mami: Olivia, tuen doch Dies Spiel-esse in DIEN Microwelle, bitte.

Olivia: Nei, channi nit, mies Telefon isch drin!

Olivia is placing her play food in OUR microwave...

Mami: Olivia, just put your play food in YOUR microwave, please!

Olivia: No, I can't, my phone is in it!

And yes, after careful evaluation, Olivia's toy phone certainly was occupying her microwave and therefore prohibiting her from using it for her play food. Figures...


  1. Oh Hilarious! Just wait until she's a bit older... she'll just plain ole' lose her cell phone. At least she knew where it was. :)

  2. That's great......ha ha. It all seemed logical to her.
    Stopping by via Motivational Mondays. ~Nadja

  3. It could've been the other way around.. it could've been your cell phone in her microwave (so you never find it).. or worse yet, in your microwave... Hooray for two year olds! :)

    Following back from Monday Mingle.

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