Saturday, February 12, 2011

Furni-dents Follow-up

Some (like maybe 5 of you) may remember my very first post that I wrote, about ironing the carpet, found here, which removes the appropriately named "Furni-dents."  Well, this weekend, we decided to move around the couch and stuff to see if we can open the room up any.  As though who have visited our house know, our living room is the mecca of all things happening in our house.  We have the TV, toys, couch, chair and a plethora of other stuff, so the challenge of opening up our little room seemed a pipe dream.  Anyway, as you can see where this story is going, we were left with the undesirable furni-dents.

I used the trick of ironing out the carpet, and once again, received some fabulous results.

Above is a before picture.  Nasty dents in the carpet. 

Above is the after shot.  The discolouration seen in the picture is from a little moisture that was left over after the steaming, which of course, goes away once the carpet fully dries.

Once again, a word of caution to be careful, as it is easy to melt your carpet if the iron actually touches the carpet.


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  1. I can't wait to see what the living room looks like now!


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