Sunday, February 20, 2011

Talking with a Two Year Old

I am stealing this title from our friends at becuase I thought it was just way too fun. Here is a short conversations I had with Olivia, while I was driving in the car, listening to the radio:

Olivia: "Daddy. Is that Megadeth?"
Me: "No Sweetie, it is U2."
Olivia:"Is that Metagallica?" (Metallica)
Me: "No Sweetie, it is U2."
Olivia: "No, its Megadeth"
Me: "No Sweetie, the band's name is U2."
Olivia: "That's Silly"

All for now,


  1. Hurray! Kids are so funny. I love that she knows your band names :) And she's so cute!!!


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