Monday, February 14, 2011

Nestle Baby Program - Canada

If you are expecting or have a baby already, you can sign up for the Nestle Baby Program. I find the registration to be fairly quick and simple and the reward for it is pretty awesome! It can take as little as one week but also up to a couple of months for your Freebie to arrive.

You should receive a convenient Over-the-Shoulder Diaper Bag with Change Mat and a sample of Nestle GoodStart Formula, a NUK BPA-free bottle with silicone nipple as well as a Subscription to the Nestle Baby Digest. (These Freebies have been the same for quite a while now but can change at any time). A few months later, you should receive a sample of Nestle Rice Cereal and coupons.



-->Click on "Join The Program"
-->Fill in the required fields

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