Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Mobilization V 2.0

Some might recall the post that Sylvia put up a couple of weeks ago about our most loved Jetta.  Two weeks ago, something went wrong with the car (again) and I called from work to get it towed to the local shop around the corner from our house.  After a little while of checking it out, they thought it might be an issue with the turbo on the car, and said they were not equipped to fix it, and that we need to take it to a dealer shop.

Now, for those of you who care, a turbo for a Jetta is valued around $2000 for the part alone.

Since we knew that we needed a new car because the Jetta was getting far too small for the four of us and the dog, I took some time to scope out what was available that suited our needs.  A new car just seemed so damn diddly expensive, and there was nothing used local that tickled our fancy.  I went onto and searched for a Mitsubishi Outlander in all of the maritimes.  I chose this car first because we test drove a new one months ago, but didn't commit to the 2011 model because of the cost.  Anyway, I happened across a 2008 Outlander XLS in St John, New Brunswick, which is about 4 1/2 hours away.  This vehicle almost seemed too good to be true.  Dark colour, low kilometres, leather interior, in dash entertainment system:  In fact, there isn't an option that the previous owner didn't take! There were still another 2 years, 50,000km left on the full bumper to bumper warranty.

I got really excited, and Sylvia liked it too, so the next day, I called the dealership at noon, asked a few questions, and put a down payment over the phone.  After some schmoozing by Sylvia, the dealership knocked an extra grand off the car, and overall, we were able to save ~$16,000 compared to a new vehicle.  So here is our new car...

To no surprise, it was raining.

It may not be an EVO, but at least the steering wheel is the same one.

It may only be Rockford Fosgate, but at least it comes pre-equipped with a 10" - I wonder how many more I can fit in?

But wait, there is more, and this is just ridiculous!  I call a couple of days later to Costco Roadside Assistance, and ask for a tow for our Jetta from the current shop to another shop.  They proceed to tell me that they can't tow from the shop, because I chose the shop, and that it was my fault that they couldn't fix it.  I say that is absolutely absurd.  The dude says that they would have diagnosed the problem over the phone and towed it accordingly.  Really?  You are going to diagnose the turbo going over the phone?  I wish I was an all seeing God that can figure out that the turbo is going on the car over the phone!  This guy took douche-baggery up to a whole new level.  So needless to say we didn't get a tow from them.   The following weekend, we got a tow from my father-in-law's CAA to our usual VW shop.

The tow truck driver who came was a piece of work.  I don't think that I have seen an angrier person before.  The guy was throwing chains, flashlights, hell, even his glasses!  I was fearing that he might come after me with a tire iron or something.  In the end though, he took the car without dismembering me, which I am happy about on all kinds of levels.

Being prepared for the worst, I was pleasantly surprised that the car was not only dianosed, but also fixed today already and cost a mere $185 to fix. Turned out it was a burst hose.

As the Care Bears say: every cloud has a silver lining:
The car breaks down and we are told that it is the turbo :-(
We take the initiative at this time to look for and find a new car :-)
We get the Jetta fixed for next to nothing :-)

We are now a two car family.  All I need is for Sylvia to allow me to drive the old car to work.


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