Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy 5th Anniversary, Honey...

Thanks to my sis Barbara for the picture!
So, I just dropped Olivia off with the babysitter and her daughter that will be taking care of Lexie and Olivia when I go back to work in September.  I must say, it was just a tad harder than I anticipated, even though our little girl was 100% fine, already shooting hoops with the babysitter's daughter when Mami and Lexie were leaving.  I know she'll have a good time today, but it still made me sad to think about us putting the upbringing of our little girls into someone else's hands - because really, that's what will be doing for the next 10 months, starting September 2011.

At least there will be a light at the end of the tunnel - once the end of June 2012 rolls around (oh so far away!), Mami will be re-united with her little angels full-time until at least the end of August 2012!

In other news: HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY, HONEY and thanks for coming to see METALLICA with me at Rock the  Hill 2011!  I hope you know that you're not only the best husband that anyone could wish for, but also the bestest Daddy to our girlies!  Every day, we're lucky to have you!


  1. Um...Who went to see Metallica with who?

  2. Um, I believe it was you with me...and I stand by that! :)


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