Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day - Teddy Bear Picnic

Yum - balloon animals are tasty!

Olivia had lots of fun at the Teddy Bear Picnic at DeWolfe Park in Bedford, NS today. Shinerama put on free (or donations) face painting & a husband and wife couple made balloon animals for the little ones. There were cotton candy, snow cone and waffle stands. At lunch time, free hot dogs were available. Olivia wanted a blue snow cone, but instead we treated her to a chocolate dipped Kiddie Cone at Dairy Queen tonight for the very first time. Needless to say, DQ was much cheaper & so much better! Once finished, Olivia told us that she loved her cone and that she will have another one tomorrow! Um...not so much, but it was a nice try anyway! :)

There were two more firsts for Olivia, along with DQ today: face painting (she got turned into a kitty) & a balloon animal (Olivia got a bunny and Lexie got a lion) - oh wait, it was the second time for Olivia to get a balloon animal, but the first time for Lexie!

Thanks Auntie Lisa for the sweet Onesie!

One could also purchase a wrist band for $10, so the kids could go on three different Bouncy Castles, but we figured Olivia is still a bit too small for that, considering there were big kids jumping on them. There was also a Paramedic vehicle, where kids could take their Teddy Bears to get bandages, stickers and tattoos. However, I think the highlight for our daughter was the playground at DeWolfe Park. Luckily, that will always be there, so we're hoping for many happy returns. It's a great, wooden playground with many different slides and climbing opportunities.

Lucky Blog Shot ;)

The bird was quite content for the whole time in her stroller, which was really nice. Our family had a great Canada Day and hopefully, so did yours!
Olivia walking across the top of the play structure.

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